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East European Journal of Physics

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Essential features of models for description of modulation instability of Langmuir waves
in plasma
A.V. Kirichok, V.M. Kuklin, A.G. Zagorodny

Compact linear ion accelerator to small and average energy of application appointment
S.A. Vdovin, Ye.V. Gussev, M.G. Shulika


Destruction of Bernard cells under local irregularities of thermal equilibrium and their
forming over the Bernard cells
L.S. Bozbiei, A.O. Kostikov, V.I. Tkachenko

Calculation of (e+,e-) pair contribution to the spectra of electrons scattered by nuclei
I.S. Timchenko, A.Yu. Buki

Emittance’s influence on transverse dynamics of the accelerated bunches in plasmadielectric
wake field accelerator

R.R. Kniaziev

Modeling of amyloid fibril binding to the lipid bilayer
V. Trusova

About conditions of existence of second sound waves in isotopically enriched crystals

V.D. Khodusov, A.S. Naumovets

Method of correlation functions for dense gases and liquids
Yu.M. Poluektov

Choice of conditions for gas outflow in vacuum and configurations of a forming unit
feeding a working substance into the plasma volume

Yu.V. Kovtun, A.N. Ozerov, E.I. Skibenko, V.B. Yuferov

Application of 4He2+ and 3He2+ beams of the compact accelerator “SOKOL” for ion beam
S.G. Karpus, V.N. Bondarenko, A.V. Goncharov, L.S. Glazunov, A.V. Zats, V.V. Kuz’menko,
V.M. Pistryak, V.I. Sukhostavets