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East European Journal of Physics
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N.N. Author1, N.N. Co-author(s)2
1 Affiliation
2 Affiliation (if different from Authors affiliation)
Received January 14, 2014
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Each paper must begin with an abstract. The abstract should be typed in the same manner as the body text (see below). Please note that these Instructions are typed just like the manuscripts should be. The abstract must have at least 1800 phonetic symbols, supplying general information about the achievements, and objectives of the paper, experimental technique, methods applied, significant results and conclusions. Page layout: the text should be printed on the paper A4 format, at least 5 pages, with margins of: Top - 3, Bottom, Left and Right - 2 cm. The abstract should be presented in English (only for foreign authors), Ukraine and Russian.
KEYWORDS: there, must, be, at least, 5 keywords
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This is introduction section. This paper contains instructions for preparing the manuscripts. The text should be prepared in .doc/.docx format.
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Titles of journals, articles and author names in references should be given in Roman script. References should be numbered in the order of referring in the text, e.g. [1], [2-5], etc. Do not superscript your reference numbers. Cite references as in journal format. The full references should be listed in numerical order of citation in the text at the end of the paper (justified), Times New Roman, 9 pt, 1 spacing. References should be given in the following form:
1. Holzwarth G., Eckart G. Fluid-dynamical approximation for finite Fermi systems // Nucl. Phys. - 1979. - Vol.A325. - P.1-30.
2. Bertsch G.F., Broglia R.A. Oscillations in finite quantum systems. Ch. 6. - Cambridge: Cambridge University, 1994. -  150 p.
3. Van der Woude A. The electric giant resonances // Electric and magnetic giant resonances in nuclei / Ed. by J. Speth. -  Singapure: World Scientific P.C., 1991. - P. 99-232.
Conference or symposium proceedings
4. Smolanzuk R., Skalski J., Sobiczewski A. Masses and half-life of superheavy elements // Proc. of the International Workshop 24 on Gross Properties of Nuclei and Nuclear Excitations / Ed. by H. Feldmeier et al. - GSI, Darmstadt, 1996.  - P.35-42.

Special Notes
1. Use International System of Units (SI system).
2. It is undesirable to use acronyms in the titles. Please define the acronym on its first use in the paper.
3. Refer to isotopes as 14C, 3H, 60Co, etc.
The text should be typed as follows:
title: Times New Roman, 12 pt, ALL CAPS, bold, 1 spacing, centered;
authors: name, initials and family names; Times New Roman, 12 pt, bold, 1 spacing, centered;
affiliation(s): Times New Roman, 9 pt, italic, 1 spacing, centered;
abstract: Times New Roman, 9 pt, 1 spacing, justified;
body text: Times New Roman, 10 pt, 1 spacing, justified; paragraphs in sections should be indented right (tabulated) for 0.75 cm;
section titles: Times New Roman, 10 pt, bold, 1 spacing, centered, without numbering, one line should be left, blank above section title;
subsection titles: Times New Roman, 10 pt, bold, 1 spacing, centered, without numbering in accordance to the section (see below), one line should be left blank above subsection title;
figure captions: width of the figure should be 85 or 170 mm, figures should be numbered (Fig. 1) and titled below figures using sentence format, Times New Roman, 9 pt, 1 spacing, centered (if one line) or justified (if more than one line); one line should be left blank below figure captions;
table captions: width of the table should be 85 or 170 mm, tables should be numbered (Table 1.) and titled above tables using sentence format, Times New Roman, 10 pt, 1 spacing, centered (if one line) or justified (if more than one line), tables should be formatted with a single-line box around the outside border and single ruling lines between rows and columns; one line should be left blank below tables;
equations: place equations centered, numbered in Arabic (1), flush right, equations should be specially prepared in MathType; one line should be left blank below and above equation.
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Additional instructions
Numerated figures and tables should be embedded in your text and placed after they are cited. Only black and white drawings and sharp photographs are acceptable. Letters in the figures should be 3 mm high. The figures should be presented in one of the following graphic formats: jpg, gif, pcx, bmp, tif.
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PACS: PACS codes
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