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East European Journal of Physics

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Hydrogen sulfide energy of the black sea
N.A. Azarenkov, B.V. Borts, V.I. Tkachenko

Physical aspects of vacuum-arc coating deposition
I.I. Aksenov, D.S. Aksyonov


Nonequilibrium kinetics of electron-phonon subsystem of a crystal in strong
electric and magnetic field as a base of electro- and magnetoplastic effects
V.I. Karas, A.M. Vlasenko, V.N. Voyevodin, V.I. Sokolenko, V.E. Zakharov

Correlation of secondary particles in the reaction of disintegration of 4He(g, pn)d on the
beam of coherent bremsstrahlung radiation
I.V. Dogjust

Monte-Carlo evaluation of the radiation shielding efficiency of laminated composites
under electron and photon irradiation
B.V. Borts, M.I. Bratchenko, S.V. Dyuldya, I.G. Marchenko, D.A. Sanzharevsky,
V.I. Tkachenko

Monte-Carlo simulation of response of CdZnTe detectors of beta-radiation
A.A. Zakharchenko, A.V. Rybka, L.N. Davydov, A.A. Vierovkin, V.E. Kutny,
M.A. Khazhmuradov

Determination of electron beam parameters on radiation-technological facility for
simulation of radiation processing
V.T. Lazurik, V.M. Lazurik, G. Popov, Z. Zimek

Silicon monocrystals for alternative energy
N.A. Azarenkov, V.E. Semenenko, A.I. Ovcharenko

Intrinsic point defects in anisotropic crystalline systems (quasi-two NbSe2 and quasi-one
A.A. Mamalui, T.N. Shelest, N.B. Fatyanova, K.A. Minakova, N.N. Galtsov

Transformation ratio at plasma wakefield excitation by laser pulse with ramping of its
intensity according to cosine
V.I. Maslov, O.M. Svystun

Definition of contribution and type of particles in mixed signal detectors
V.N. Dubina

On the vortex structure in two component bose-einstein condensate
A.P. Ivashin, Yu.M. Poluektov

“Paradox” of the void nucleation
I.N. Laptev, O.O. Parkhomenko, V.I. Tkachenko