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East European Journal of Physics

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Thermodynamics of the Fermi Gas in a Quantum Well
Yu.M. Poluektov, A.A. Soroka

Classification of Particles at Arbitrary Quantity of Generations. I. Hadrons
Yu.V. Kulish

Classification of Particles at Arbitrary Quantity of Generations. II. Leptons
Yu.V. Kulish

Plasma Wall Transition and Effect of Geomrtry in Presheath
Saeed Ahmad, K. Chaudhary

Cable Free Transmission of Electricity: From Nikola Tesla to Our Time
B.V. Borts, I.V. Tkachenko, V.I. Tkachenko

Refining Ancient Lead by Vacuum Distillation
V.D. Virich, Yu.V. Gorbenko, G.P. Kovtun, S.S. Nagorny, T.S. Potina,
D.A. Solopikhin, A.P. Shcherban'

Spectral Characteristics of Ultrafine Particles Zn2 SiO4-Mn, Precipitated From an
Aqueous Solution on the Substrate in Electric or Magnetic Fields

V.I. Tyutyunnikov

The Thermodynamic Functions Of Monoborides Xb (X=Ti, Mn, Fе, Co)
N. Yu. Filonenko

The Structure Of Monoatomic Layer On Graphite Surface
V.G. Kirichenko, A.A. Yampolskiy


KHARKIV: "Hurricane 3"