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East European Journal of Physics

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High-Temperature Silicides: Properties and Application
S.V. Lytovchenko


Novel Fluorescent Near-Infrared Agent For Biomedical Applications
V. Trusova, G. Gorbenko, T. Deligeorgiev, N. Gadjev

Self-Consistent Description Of Interacting Phonons In A Crystal Lattice
Yu.M. Poluektov

Hydrogen Isotope Retention And Lattice Damage In The Constructive Materials
Irradiated With H+/D+ Ions

V.V. Bobkov, L.P. Tishchenko, T.I. Peregon, Yu.I. Kovtunenko

Thermal And Epithermal Neutron Generation For Nuclear Medicine Using Electron
Linear Accelerator

V.I. Kasilov, S.P. Gokov, A.N. Dovbnya, S.A. Kalenik, K.S. Kokhnyuk, S.S. Kochetov,
A.A. Khomich, O.A. Shopen

Elimination Of Singulariries In Causal Green Functions For Generalized Klein-Gordon
And Dirac Equations On Light Cone

Yu.V. Kulish

Accounting Of The Elasticity Modules Anisotropy In Hsp Metals
For X-Ray Investigations Of Dislocation Structure

D.G. Malykhin

Recularities Of Investigation Of Mechanical Properties Of Tvel Covers From Zr-1%Nb
Alloys In Longitudinal And Transverse Directions

L.S. Ozhigov, V.I. Savchenko, A.S. Mitrofanov, Y.A. Krainyuk, S.V. Shramchenko,
P.N. Vjugov, A.P. Redkina

About The Values Of The Stray Environment Fields-To-Toroidal-Coil Magnetic Field
Ratio In The Uragan-2m Torsatron

G.G. Lesnyakov, A.N. Shapoval