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East European Journal of Physics

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The Application of the GA-BP Neural Network Algorithm in the High-Energy Physics
M.Y. El-Bakry, E.A. El-Dahshan, A. Radi, M. Tantawy, M.A. Moussa

Influence Of Mechanical Micro-Defects On The Local Polarization In Devices Based On Ferroelectrics
A.T. Bogorosh, S.A. Voronov, V.F. Mazanko, I.O. Shmatko, O.A. Shmatko, A.G. Shayko-Shaikovsky

Influence of the Additives of the Third Element In Alloy Cu-Ti On Energy of the Segregation of the Impurity During Cellular Precipitation of the Solid Solution
S.I. Derevianko, A.K. Kuzniak, Ju.A. Liashenko, I.O. Shmatko, O.A. Shmatko

Bremsstrahlung Formation in the Dual Energy Method for Radiography of the Unauthorized Embedding
V.G. Rudychev, I.O. Girka, D.V. Rudychev, Y.V. Rudychev

Use of Incoherent Scattering for Matrix Effects Correction in X-Ray Fluorescence Measurements of Ti, Mn, Fe and U Concentrations in Uranium Ores
D.V. Kutnii, A.V. Medvediev, S.A. Vanzha

Effect of Carbon on Physical and Structural Properties of FеB Iron Monoboride
N.Yu. Filonenko, A.N. Galdina

X-ray Diffraction on the Edge-Dislocation Neighborhood: Finite-Differential Approach
D.G. Malykhin

The Influence of the Dynamic Change of Ultrasound System Sensitivity Function on the Spectra of Doppler Response Signals
E.A. Barannik, O.S. Matchenko

Radon-222 Detection Using Beta-Decay Products
I.I. Yakimenko, N.G. Styervoyedov, A.F. Shchus, G.M. Onyshchenko


Yuriy Anatolievich Berezhnoy
(80-th birthday)