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East European Journal of Physics

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Large-scale magnetic and vortex structures in a turbulent medium
V.V. Yanovsky, A.V. Tur, M.I. Kopp


Consistent model for interactions of higher-spin fermions with 0- and 1/2 - spin particles and  ?N- scattering
E.V. Rybachuk

Determination of external irradiation from sources with complex geometry containing radioactive waste
Y.V. Rudychev

The dualism of the vacancies nature in nonequilibrium systems
I.N. Laptev, O.O. Parkhomenko, V.I. Tkachenko

High level wastes immobilization in ceramic and hydrated phosphate matrix
V.A. Shkuropatenko

Spectra of ZnO superdispersed particles polarized in an magnetic field
V.I. Tyutyunnikov

The features of the phase transformations in intermetallic phases in zirconium alloys
V.G. Kirichenko. R.S. Nestarenko, T.A. Kovalenko

Single and dual-pointing device for moving the sample LU-40 KIPT
A.N. Vodin, V.T. Bykov, V.A. Kushnir, M.S. Malovitza, S.N. Olejnik,
G.E. Tuller, A.V. Tertichniy