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East European Journal of Physics

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Quantum Zeno effect, Kapitsa pendulum and whirligig principle. Comparative analysis
V.A. Buts


Triplet production by a polarized photon beam on a polarized electron target
G.I. Gakh, M.I. Konchatnij, N.P. Merenkov

Determination of the standard characteristics of depth-dose distributions on the base of
semiempirical model of electrons energy deposition
V.T. Lazurik, G.F. Popov, Z. Zimek, R.V. Lazurik, Sovan Salah Ibrahim

Analytical solution and neutral curves of the stationary linear Rayleigh problem with
rigid or mixed boundary conditions in cylindrical geometry
O.L. Andreeva, V.I. Tkachenko

About using of secondary ion mass spectrometry method for research of bioorganic
V.A. Litvinov, V.T. Koppe, V.V. Bobkov

Microstructure evolution and deuterium retention in SS316 steel irradiated with heavy
ions, helium and hydrogen
S.A. Karpov, I.E. Kopanets, B.S. Sungurov, G.D. Tolstolutskaya, A.S. Kalchenko