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East European Journal of Physics

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Localized vortices in two-dimensional hydrodynamic media
V.V. Yanovsky, A.V. Tur, K.N. Kulik


Oxygen depletion of mylar under bombardment of 1.0 and 1.6 MeV protons
V.N. Bondarenko, A.V. Goncharov, V.I. Sukhostavets, S.G. Karpus, V.V. Kuzmenko,
K.V. Shebeko

Elementary convection cell in the horizontal layer of viscous incompressible liquid with rigid and mixed boundary conditions
О.L. Patochkina, B.V. Borts, V.I. Tkachenko

State function in unstable convective medium
I.V. Gushchin, A.V. Kirichok, V.M. Kuklin

Correlation function and the power spectrum of the doppler ultrasound response signal of uniformly accelerated scatterers in fluid flow
E.A. Barannik, O.S. Matchenko

Radiation-shielding properties of polymer composite materials
E.M. Prokhorenko, V.F. Klepikov, V.V. Lytvynenko, A.A. Zakharchenko,
M.A. Khazhmuradov, A.I. Morozov, V.V. Kolesnikova

Single and dual ion irradiation effects on swelling behavior of EP-450 ferritic-martensitic steel
Y.E. Kupriiyanova, V.V. Bryk, A.S. Kalchenko, V.N. Voyevodin

Study uniform distribution of elements in the oxide dispersive strengthened (ODS) steel
D.V. Koblik, V.V. Levenets, O.P. Omelnik, A.O. Shсhur, B.V. Borts, I.V. Korotkova,
V.I. Tkachenko

Pecularities of mechanical properties of high-purity, iodide and hafnium GFE-1 in
temperature range 20…900
L.S. Ozhigov, N.N. Pilipenko, P.N. V’jugov, V.I. Savchenko, A.G. Rudenko, Y.A. Krainyuk,
R.V. Azhazha, O.E. Kozhevnikov

Study of acoustic emission during deformation of magnesium
I.I. Papirov, P.I. Stoev, A.I. Pikalov, T.E. Emlyaninova

The formation of topological defects on graphite surface
V.G. Kirichenko

RF electromagnetic field absorption inside helicon ion source in nonaxial magnetic field
O.V. Alexenko, V.I. Miroshnichenko, V.I. Voznyi

Opportunity of unified description of photo and electro processes on light nuclei in
covariant approach with exactly conserved EM current
P.E. Kuznietsov