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East European Journal of Physics

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Structure properties of neutron-rich exotic nuclei
A.N. Antonov, M.K. Gaidarov, P. Sarriguren, E. Moya de Guerra


Energetic characteristics of the surface electromagnetic wave at plasma-plasma interface in magnetic field
S.V. Ivko, I.B. Denysenko, N.A. Azarenkov

Comparative kinetics of ions for different modes of parametric instability of intense Langmuir waves in plasma
A.V. Kirichok, V.M. Kuklin, A.V. Pryjmak

Electrotransport as a way of metals deep purification
G.P. Kovtun

Effect of irradiation on properties of CdTe detectors
A.I. Kondrik

Influence of the relativistic electron beam spectral characteristics on the instability development process at near-limiting currents
G.E. Sarukhanian, А.М. Gorban'

Plasma filters in technique of the vacuum-arc composite coating deposition
D.S. Aksyonov, I.I. Aksenov, V.A. Belous, Yu.A. Besedina, S.I. Mel'nikov

Electron beam transport in dielectric tubes
O.S. Druj, V.V. Yegorenkov, A.V. Shchagin, V.B. Yuferov

The features of multiscaling and hierarchy of structures in zirconium alloys
V.G. Kirichenko

Enhanced surface diffusion of particles under the action of an external time-periodic fields
I.G. Marchenko, I.I. Marchenko

Neutron-absorbing method for concentrations Measuring of a boron-10 isotope in water solution of boric acid and water solution of boric acid
A.N. Orobinskiy

Defining the role of radiation risk factor in cancer causation among KIPT workers: prognosis of stochastic effects and forming of risk groups
A. Mazilov, I. Stadnyk